ESG Initiatives

Kyobo Life has joined and cooperated with and various global sustainable management initiatives
UNGC (UN Global Compact)
  • Joined as the first company among Korean life insurers in September 2010
  • Voluntary global initiatives on social responsibility supporting ten (10) principles in four (4) areas(human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption)
WEP's (Women's Empowerment Principles)
  • Joined in 2019
  • An initiative jointly launched by UNGC and UN Women which strives to achieve gender equality and empowerment of women in workplace
CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • Joined in May 2021 as a signatory
  • Global environmental initiative that asks enterprises to disclose environmental management information
UNEP FI (UN Environmental Program Financial Initiative)
  • Joined in January 2022
  • Partnership between UNEP and global financial sector for sustainable finance
PSI (Principles for Sustainable Insurance)
  • Joined in January 2022
  • Global initiative launched by UNEP FI for sustainable development of insurance industry
TCFD (Task force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)
  • Joined in January 2022
  • Task force for recommending voluntary disclosure of corporate impact in relation to climate change
  • ‘Initiative’ refers to self-regulation in the form of codes of conduct of guidelines for global companies.
    Companies join initiatives that reflect the characteristics of their industry and encourage each other to implement them



MS 인터넷 익스플로러(IE)
브라우저 지원 종료 안내

MS 인터넷 익스플로러(IE) 브라우저 서비스 지원이 2022년 06월 15일 종료됨에 따라 교보생명 홈페이지를 보다 안전하고 원활한 서비스 제공을 위해 구글 크롬 브라우저 또는 MS 엣지 브라우저를 이용해 주시길 바랍니다.

  • 기존 IE 브라우저 사용은 보안에 매우 취약합니다.
    고객님의 안전한 홈페이지 이용을 위해 최신 웹브라우저를 권장드립니다.