Sustainability Report

Kyobo Life publishes sustainability report every year to strengthen communication with stakeholders.
Kyobo Life named this report,
“Humanity and the Future” to emphasize the importance of an individual, who creates the paths to the future and benefit from it.
“Humanity and the Future“ is based on a spirit of respect for an individual.

2021 Sustainability Report

About This Report

  • CEO Message
  • Summary of 2021
  • KYOBO's Highlights


  • Company Overview
  • Vision 2025
  • Major Affiliates

Sustainable Impact

  • KYOBO's Sustainability Management System
  • ESG Governance
  • ESG Roadmap
  • ESG Performance
  • Expert interview
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Stakeholder Interview
  • How KYOBO Create Our Value

Special Report

  • Climate Change: Raising the Anchor of Sustainable Future
  • Digital: Setting Sail for Digital Transformation

Happiness & Growth with Stakeholders

  • Customers, Making Their Dreams To Be True
  • Financial Planners, Walking in Step
  • Employees, Growing Together
  • Investors, Maintaining Trust
  • Partners and Ecosystem Players, Living Together
  • Government and Communities, Dreaming of Future

ESG Management

  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Ethical Management
  • Information Security and Personal Information Protection

ESG Fact Book




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