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  • Checklist for policyholder

    We provide a checklist for a contractor when subscribing to an insurance policy. Please be sure to carefully review the documents and procedures before subscribing as these are provided in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

    Checklist for policyholder The table is made of Related documents, Items to be checked, Relevant grounds
    Related documents Items to be checked Relevant grounds
    Prospectus Confirmation of a contractor on the product
    Article 95 of the Insurance Business Act
    Insurance contract comparison guide confirmation Confirm whether the existing insurance
    contract and the new contract were
    compared and explained
    Article 97, Section 3, Paragraph 2 of the
    Insurance Business Act
    Application form Confirm the application form details Article 638-2, Section 1 of the Commercial
    Confirmation of written consent of the
    insured person
    Article 731, Section 1 of the Commercial Act
    Confirm account holder's agreement when
    applying for direct debit
    Article 15 of the Electronic Financial
    Transaction Act
    Confirm consent on processing personal
    (credit) information
    Article 15 and 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act
    Article 32 of the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act
    Confirmation of duty to inform
    (notify before signing a contract)
    Article 651 of the Commercial Act
    Application with special conditions If you have a specific disease or a problem
    with a specific area of your body
    Article 638-2, Section 1 of the Commercial
    Insurance subscription monitoring Confirm if the main contents of the product
    were explained and understood
    Article 4-32, Section 7 of the Regulation on Supervision of Insurance Business
  • Rights of policyholders

    You can exercise the rights to cool off the contract or to cancel the contract (liability insurance) if you learn that it is not the product you wanted after you subscribe to the insurance, or if you did not properly get explanations when you sign up for an insurance policy.

    <Colling off and contract cancellation>

    Colling off and contract cancellation The table is made of Category, Cooling off, Cancellation of contract (liability compensation)
    Category Cooling off Cancellation of contract (liability compensation)
    Grounds No limit
    • Failure to receive the general clause and insurance application for the contractor to keep
    • If the contractor has not signed the application form oneself(including seal (stamp) and electronic
      signature under Article 2, Section 2 of the
      Electronic Signature Act or Certified electronic
      signature under Article 2, Section 3 of the
      Electronic Signature Act)
    • Failure to receive explanations on the important
      contents of the terms
    Within 15 days from the date the contractor
    receives the insurance certificate
      <Grounds when it’s not possible>
    • The contract cannot be cooled off if the
      diagnosis contract term is less than 1 year
      or if the contract is signed by a
      professional liability contractor
    • Contracts exceeding 30 days from the date
      of submission cannot be cooled off
    Within 3 months from the date of contract
    effect Refund the insurance premium already paid
    by the policyholder
    The premium paid by the policyholder will be refunded
    with interest
  • Information must be given by insurer

    When an insurance contract is concluded, an insurance subscriber must provide true answers to the questions asked by an insurance company on an insurance application, and this is called “the duty to inform before signing a contract (duty to inform under the Commercial Act). The company collects information on the subscriber's present and past illnesses, current disability status, etc. through the questionnaire on the application form and determines whether to conclude an insurance contract.
    Important matters are the matters that affect the condition of subscription and the terms of subscription, including the treatment history of diseases (eg hypertension, diabetes, etc.).
    If the insurance subscriber has not fulfilled ‘the duty to inform’ before the contract, the company may terminate the contract and refuse to pay for the claim, so please check on the matters to be attended to.

    Matters to be attended to

    • You must tell the truth for the questions on the insurance application.
      Even if the insurance subscriber has not informed the current or past disease or current disability status because he or she believed it to be minimal, if it is an important matter affecting the condition of subscription and the terms of subscription, it will constitute as a violation of the duty to inform.
      If it is unclear whether you are obliged to inform before the contract is made, it is safe to include it in the questionnaire first, and it is advisable to provide the company with the results of medical checkups and inquire whether it is important in advance.
      In addition, when a company solicits for insurance by using a communication means such as a telephone, questions from a company counselor replaces the questionnaire on the application form, so you must answer the question of the counselor truthfully.
    • Notifying the insurance planner only does not quality as fulfillment of the duty to inform before signing a contract.
      If the insurance subscriber verbally notifies the insurance planner without responding to the questionnaire in the application form, it cannot be regarded as fulfilling the duty to inform before the contract.
      • Generally, the insurance planner is not authorized to independently conclude an insurance contract on behalf of the insurance company or to receive the duty to inform (Supreme Court Decision, June 28, 2007, 2006 Da 69837)
        Therefore, it is not enough to inform the insurance planner and you must inform through the questionnaire of the application form.
  • Policy Terms & Conditions
    • Immediately inform the insurance company when you change your address and contact details
      If you do not inform the company of the changed address or contact information, you may be disadvantaged because you cannot receive the notice from the company.
    • Regularly manage so that the premiums are not overdue.
      You should pay attention usually on paying the premium regularly so that the contract will not be terminated
      due to overdue insurance premiums, and in recent years, insurance premiums are often automatically debited, but you need to have a habit of checking if the insurance premium is properly debited once a month to prevent overdue payment due to insufficient balance.
    • Checks whether the insurance contract is in effect, and f the insurance is invalidated, use the contract revival (recovery) procedure.
    • You can maintain the existing insurance contract by using reduced amount paid-up system and auto insurance premium payment system.



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