Information on covered loss benefits

We will inform you how to apply for Insurance claim and Required Documents
  • How to apply for covered loss benefits

    We provide a checklist for a contractor when subscribing to an insurance policy. Please be sure to carefully review the documents and procedures before subscribing as these are provided in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

    • National Kyobo Life Customer PLAZA or stand-alone window If you visit the customer's PLAZA or a stand-alone window, you will need to bring your identification (resident registration card or driver's license) and insurance certificate.
    • Receive by the corresponding consultant on behalf of the company
    • Receive by post mail - Branch office where the consultant in charge is affiliated with (death claims are excluded from the post mail reception option)
    • FAX reception - Branch office where the consultant in charge is affiliated with(FAX reception is limited to the claim amount of KRW 1,000,000 or less)
    • FAX reception - Branch of the consultant in charge (FAX receipt is limited to KRW 1,000,000 or less)
    • Internet reception - limited to claims of KRW 1,000,000 or less (insured person contracting by oneself) Internet acceptance (Claims can only be made for the person covered by insurance, and In case of hospitalization and injury, you must have a contract where the beneficiary is oneself.)
    • When a minor is claiming: this is limited to the claim cases when Contractor / Beneficiary are the same or insured / beneficiary are the same and insured is a minor. (possible only for the claim by the contractor)
      • Additional required documents: Basic certificate of your child and family relationship certificate (Excluding the case when the contractor and the beneficiary are the same person)
      • Inquiries about reception: Consultant in charge or Kyobo Life Call Center (1588-1810)
  • Covered loss Insurance Application Documents
    Covered loss Insurance Application Documents The table is made of Category, Basic Required Documents
    Category Basic Required Documents
    • Insurance certificate
    • Certificate to prove oneself
      • Koreans: resident registration ID, driver's license, passport
      • Foreigner: passport, alien registration card, investment ID issued by FSS
    • Insurance certificate
    • Power of Attorney (signature or seal stamp on signature verification form)
    • Certificate of seal or signature verification form
    • Family relationship confirmation documents
      • Certificate of resident registration or family relationship (general certificate)
    • Certificate of the real name of the agent
      • Representative is limited to direct lineage and spouse.
    Covered loss Insurance Application Documents The table is made of How to claim, Required Documents
    How to claim Required Documents
    • Insurance claim (including the necessary written consent for claim)
    • Copy of claimant's identification card
    • Additional documents (if required)
      • If you need confirmation of your family relationship (such as a spouse, child, etc., if the beneficiary is a minor): Family relationship confirmation documents [Example] Family relationship certificate, marital relationship certificate, etc. However, in case of direct lineage family member, if they are registered in the contract, then family relationship confirmation document is not needed,
      • When being claimed by an agent: certificate of power of attorney, certificate of seal of claimant
      • (Or the signature of the applicant), the individual's (credit) information processing consent by the claimant
      • However, the contracting parties (contractors, insured persons, beneficiaries by reason of request) can replace it with the claimant's identification card
    • Related sites
    Death claims due to disability and death from an organization
    • When claiming death benefit due to disability
      Confirmation letter of receipt of collective insurance claim (in case of total disablement)
    • When claiming death insurance money from death
      Certificate of receipt for collective insurance claims (in case of death)
    Claim for actual medical expenses
    • Actual medical expenses insurance claim document reception service application
    • Fast medical expense payment system request and confirmation
    Claim of Covered loss and investigation of payment
    • Review of medical records and permission to issue a copy
    • Access to medical records and power of attorney for issuing copies
    • Disaster Accident confirmation form
    • Death benefit partial payment request form
    • Death benefit living benefit claim form
  • Insurance payment review procedure information
    Reference below

    If it is necessary to conduct an accident site investigation or a hospital visit investigation to decide whether to pay the insurance premium, the site confirmation work may be entrusted to a third party authorized under the Insurance Business Act, and for this, we collect the consent to supply and use personal (credit) information in accordance with the provisions of the ‘Personal Information Protection Act’ and Article 32 of the “Usage and Protection of Credit Information Act”.

    According to the provisions of the “supervision of business entrustment of financial institutions” in the insurance supervision regulation, "the financial institution may specify entrustment of work to a third party or entrust the work of a third party in executing the affairs (The company entrusted with our on-site verification work is KCA Claim Adjustment Co., Ltd.)



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