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A company leading in the digital age through change and innovation

A clear goal (vision), consistent identity (core objective) and standard of value (core value) are essential for continuous growth and development of a company A company should establish a clear and concrete vision and motivate employees to achieve the company’s vision through enough communication.

CEO Shin Chang-Jae says that a company should have a clear vision which guides the direction of changes in order to survive and grow in a rapidly changing market.

Vision is a grand goal for which a company voluntarily pursues with a strong will. It means a mission and a value which should be shared and realized by all employees. He emphasizes that a vision can be achieved if a company focuses its strength and resources on realizing their goals and all employees work in harmony with strong teamwork.

People at Kyobo Life mention that vision is the 'Big Boss' even above the CEO. This means that the CEO must follow the vision.

CEO Shin Chang-Jae has spoken on Kyobo Life’s vision management through active participation in public events. At a wide range of organizations and conferences including the United Nations, the World Women Leaders’ Summit, Korea Standard Association and Asia Insurance CEO Summit, he has shared Kyobo Life’s experience and know-how on change and innovation and vision management it has pursued for people from all walks of life.

CEO Shin says "he is more active in public speeches and lectures than any other CEO in the hopes of helping the management of other companies and non-profit organizations by offering the success and trial and error experiences we’ve gained throughout the process of pursuing change and innovation and vision management".

Always half a step ahead of the customer

Kyobo Life Insurance has been dedicated to the Consumer Center of Management
(CCM) Hall of Fame for the first time in the financial industry. It also received the
Financial Supervisory Service's commendation for excellent financial consumer
protection institutions.

CEO Shin Chang-jae said, "We are not a mafia-like organization that damages customers for profit. We can benefit ourselves by benefiting our customers," he expresses his belief in customer satisfaction management.

CEO Shin Chang-jae also describes it as "self-serving," or "serving others as you want to be treated by others." If a company wants greater success, it can only be done by helping customers succeed as much as it wants.

CEO Shin Chang-jae's firm belief in customer satisfaction reflects throughout the insurance business, ranging from subscription, maintenance and payment.
As a result, Kyobo Life Insurance became the first financial industry to win the Customer Satisfaction Award from the Korea Efficiency Association for five consecutive years, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004.

In response, CEO Shin Chang-jae emphasizes that the award is not important, but that it is more important for customers to feel the quality of products and services provided by Kyobo Life Insurance.
CEO Shin Chang-jae said, "There have been many changes in Kyobo Life Insurance since taking office. Among them, it should be noted that corporate culture has changed to customer-centered.
In the insurance industry, 'people' are important unlike general manufacturing. It's important to look at our customers and trust in them, and consideration of our customers should come first."

Kyobo Life Insurance's efforts for customer satisfaction management continued and was dedicated to the first Consumer-centered Management Hall of Fame in 2019 and won the Financial Supervisory Service's commendation for excellent financial consumer protection.

keeping the promise faithfully.

A company is a profit-seeking place. However, the company cannot grow well if it is
simply for profit-making. Profit-seeking and ethical management are values that must
be pursued together, not before and after the coin.

Kyobo Life Insurance's late founder Shin Yong-ho stressed that there is no free and secret. Based on this founder's belief, the motto "sincerity" became the basis of Kyobo Life Insurance's corporate culture, and was inherited by its core values "honesty and sincerity" and became the basis for ethical management and precision management.

Kyobo Life Insurance strives to faithfully fulfill its legal and ethical responsibilities as a financial company as well as social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
We enacted the "Charter of Job Ethics of Kyobo" and prepared a code of practice for job ethics so that executives and employees can work honestly and sincerely. We are also firmly committed to promoting ethical management through the CEO pledge of ethical management. For these efforts, he won the 12th Transparent Management Awards organized by five organizations, including the 1st Corporate Ethics Awards of the Korea Corporate Ethics Association and the Federation of Korean Industries.

CEO Shin Chang-jae says that unlike previous management methods that emphasized quantitative growth, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and people-centered management are emerging as basic and core competitive forces in corporate management.

CEO Shin Chang-jae said, "The purpose of the company is to pursue profits. However, it will not last long for companies that are only profitable. Profit-seeking and ethical management are values that must be pursued together, not before and after the coin. Our goal is to be a 100-year long-term company respected by all stakeholders."

At the same time, the company consistently promotes ESG management, which considers stakeholders for sustainable growth and reflects environmental, social and governance factors throughout its management activities.

A healthy society, a world we share

Kyobo Life Insurance launched Kyobo Dasomi Social Volunteer Group in December 2002 to create a healthy and warm world together.

CEO Shin Chang-jae experienced the difficulties of the disabled in a wheelchair for about an hour with employees at the disability experience program held as an anniversary event and sought ways to support them. CEO Shin Chang-jae, who is setting an example for social contribution activities, is considered a representative example manager.

Kyobo Life Insurance launched the "Kyobo Dasomi Social Volunteer Group" in December 2002 to create a healthy society and a world together by practicing love for neighbors.

The "Kyobo Dasomi Social Volunteer Group" is evaluated as an exemplary social contribution activity company by setting health, retirement life, and educational welfare as three core projects and conducting various projects for each volunteer organization.

In addition, the Kyobo Life Cup Youth Athletic Competition will be held to help young people, who are the main players of the future, grow into upright and healthy talents. We continue to carry out various social contribution activities such as scholarship projects for fostering aspiring sports players and digital education programs for teenagers.

At the same time, Kyobo Life Insurance is carrying out more professional and efficient public service projects through The Daesan Agriculture Foundation, The Daesan Foundation, which supports the development of Korean literature, and KYOBO Foundation for Education, which supports various scholarship and education projects.



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